What is From Idea to Launch?

We started this as a San Francisco Meetup group back in 2013 as a way to meet other tech and design nerds in San Francisco. We have hosted events in grand bank lobbies, tech incubators, design spaces, and tech company auditoriums. We typically try to pull in speakers and panelists who are at the top of their industries, have compelling stories, are inspiring, or can teach us something new. We're now at over 1000 members in SF alone and our events often sell out in advance.


Where are your events?

All over San Francisco and Silicon Valley (but mostly SF). We try to select interesting spaces that will inspire you to learn, network, and stay motivated. No boardrooms or whiteboards.


How do I sign up?

Use the email form at the bottom of each page (just scroll down....you can do it!). Make sure you look out for your confirmation email to verify your sign up. Signing up for our email list is the only way you can be at the front of the line on all event announcements.


Are your events free?

Talks and panels are not - there is a small fee to cover things like food, drinks, signs.
Outings and tech company tours are often free.


What else do I need to know?

Just that we can't wait to meet you and hear about what you're working on.